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November 8, 2007

I’ve gotten a Gmail upgrade!

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Finally! Not that it really matters, but I feel like I’m part of the chosen ones. Also, regarding my post about getting imap support, I guess that was obsolete, because it seems that a day or two before Google pushed imap to everyone, all you have to do is change language to English US. I’m guessing everyone now has received the Gmail UI upgrade as well. So we’re all chosen now.

EDIT: It seems that the Gmail UI upgrade demands English (US) as well. I tried setting it back to Norwegian, and it changed UI.


November 5, 2007

Vista sucks video

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Never really got myself into the whole YouTube/ flash video for every aspect, but this video is pretty cool

November 1, 2007

Gmail is changing

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I’m really very critical to huge corporations, and try not to use them more than necessary. However, I can not get away from Google, and I’m currently using Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar and Google Docs daily.

I got my IMAP-support in Gmail today, and made a small discovery. IMAP-support disappears if I change my language back to Norwegian (probably anything but English (US)). So, if you haven’t got your IMAP-support yet, try fiddling with the language settings. (I was skeptical to this approach, but the shear numbers of people this has worked for, and the fact that it reverted when I reverted my language has gotten me to accept it.)

Anyway, I’m crossing fingers that Google will allow me to check IMAP accounts from within Gmail. Hopefully that will be their next addition.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for Gmail 2.0 (which is a bullshit expression, but by now everyone seems to understand what that means) to hit my account.

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