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February 14, 2008

Project: 3rd party screenlets

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This is a little late, but I figured I should blog about Project: 3rd party screenlets. It is hosted on Launchpad. The team is also on Launchpad. The idea is to collect all those 3rd party screenlets that are on and not in the official Screenlets trunk.

In doing so, we can achieve several important things:

For the users:

  • One place to get all individual screenlets
  • Follow updates easily with bzr
  • Get a package with all screenlets available — probably even a package and a repo for Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, etc.

For the developers:

  • Easy maintenance of their screenlets
  • Keeping close to official Screenlets
  • Get input and fixes from other developers, because they can access bzr themselves, and not just post a comment
  • Maybe translations down the road
  • More users!
  • Getting individual screenlets included in the official Screenlets
  • Get bug reports

There are probably more upsides for all, but this was my first ideas.

Now, to get the show on the road, we need:

  • Developers to register for a Launchpad account
  • Apply for the team
  • Set up their own project with their screenlets
  • Starting using bzr. Short howto and a guide
  • Developing screenlets
  • Merging with 3rd-party-screenlets branch

This post is tagged Compiz and Compiz Fusion for the likely interest people have in both projects, not because CF is necessary for Screenlets. Because it isn’t anymore 🙂


February 9, 2008

A new windowlist/taskbar screenlet is needed

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I’m having some problems with the WindowlistScreenlet. That spurred me to think about how a dreamy windowlist/taskbar screenlet would be. With AWN’s new launcher-only functionality, I really need a great taskbar. So, here’s my points. Please add yours.

  • Picks up all applications open that would ordinary be on a taskbar
  • Use the highest quality icons available, maybe make icons for known bad ones
  • Let the taskbar be placed on a horizontal line, vertical line, curve, in a rectangular box (any proportions given)
  • A set maximum size for the windowlist (or -box). If too many icons are kept there, they should be shrinked
  • Minimize, maximize, restore works as they should
  • Minimized/maximized apps should draw the Compiz Fusion animations properly to/from the icons where they belong (I know AWN sometimes interfer, but I don’t know why)
  • Grouping of apps

Maybe someone can use this as a start? It’s in C and Python.

What to do with quotation marks when posting code on WordPress?

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Yeah, I was wondering that… Now I know:

This is so cool!

February 6, 2008

Some problems with Ktorrent

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Ktorrent is so feature rich, so I’m loving it! However, it does have some issues, as seen in this screencast I just made:

February 3, 2008


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No, it’s not the fact that it was down for the whole of Saturday…

It’s because it is messy as Hell! Look at this:

1. So many links are dead.
If you want to have people post their stuff here, then give them 1 option, and that is to upload it to the server. Then, if you can establish a connection to the site, you get access to at least the majority of posted items

2. The whole thing seems so generic
We have,, etc. etc. Now, a lot of stuff that winds up on either can be used for all of them. Emerald stuff, wallpaper, screenlets, etc is not only for Gnome.
EDIT: There is actually the following:

3. What the hell is up with the categories?!?
Screenlets vs. desklets. How many “desklet” items are actually not screenlets?
Compiz vs Beryl. There is no fucking distinction anymore. It is called Compiz Fusion, and Beryl is discontinued. There is no such thing as a “compiz theme”, it’s all Emerald.

4. The alert e-mails are so slow, it would be better if they mailed them at the post office.
What the hell is the use of getting an update alert 24 hours after the actual update.

5. It takes people away from the actual project homes (and this is important)
If I wanted a 3rd party screenlet, I would go to, but people forget to post there, because they think it’s more important to post in the mess.
Try finding Emerald themes other than using hours on gnome-look. Oh, you can’t? No, of course not, because when is up, the Compiz Fusion developers have no incentive to keep themes on their project home.
If project homes are maintained, there is more or less a duplicate on gnome-look. Which am I supposed to choose? By guessing what site the developer updates most frequently?

6. The screenshots says nothing, and navigating is a pain
Lists with more items on them would make it a little easier navigating

7. You can’t subscribe to authors
I can subscribe to content (see #4), but if I like Whise’s work, why can’t I subscribe to all of his stuff. Get all updates, all comments, and more importantly, all new stuff.

Do I really need more reasons? Sod off Gnome-look! Developers and artists: Go to the project home and add content there instead. If you HAVE to, make links on gnome-look.

Ah, that was cathartic…

PS. This is 1 man’s opinion. If you disagree, I’m sure you will let me know.

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