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January 6, 2010

Things I love about the N900

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Other than the fact that it supports multi tasking, and the more geeky stuff, like the fact that it has got a shell…

– If a call comes in, I can turn it face down to silence it
– It has Gnupg encryption by default
– It has Pidgin, thus MSN, Facebook chat, etc. Nevermind, the default IM service is even better
– It is beautiful…
– It has an FM transmitter, making it super easy to listen to music in the car
– Multitasking lets Gtalk, Skype, MSN all run in the background, ready for incoming calls. Take that, iPhone
– Firefox
– It has multiple calendars, meaning I can remove from sight the work calendar when I’m not at work
– I can use SSH to log into my other computers
– Headphone Daemon pauses media player if I unplug the headphones
– Ogg and Flac support

Things I miss:
– Can’t get scrobbling to work. Works
– No MMS yet (but it’s being worked on) Works fine with fMMS


December 29, 2007

Nokia n810, lazyweb?

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I’m playing with the idea of getting myself a Nokia n810 internet tablet. I’ve googled and read many reviews, but I’m still left wondering if it will provide all the tools I need:

  • Will I be able to make it play Ogg Vorbis?
    I’ve seen some enhancements here, but I’m unsure if this works on the n810. If it doesn’t, will it do so soon?
  • Will I be able to read pdf, odf, doc, xls, etc?
  • How does the keyboard match up? I’m not thinking of writing a book, but will it sustain me for an hour or two with non-stop typing? What typing speeds can I expect compared to a regular keyboard?
  • Will I be able to ctrl+c and ctrl+v
  • Will the browser let me use some of the tab extensions, adblock plus and signature addons that I rely on?
  • Will it work on all sorts of encrypted wireless signals? (Of course I have the passwords and things)
  • Are there GPS maps for Norway? Good ones?
  • What kind of storage will it be able to provide? (Is 8 GB max? Even so, it might replace my iRiver E10)
  • Will it run Compiz Fusion?

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