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May 24, 2009

Lazyweb: Free web album software advice?

Filed under: Computers — Ketil @ 13:02

I’m thinking of getting a web space and fill it with pictures, both keep an online backup of stuff, and to be able to show family and friends photos by having them log in to a web album.

As of now, I have only ~8 GB of photos, but we all now that will increase rather fast as time goes.

My requirements:

  • Free, as in no cost, and free as in open source. As an absolute last resort, I’ll consider settling for paid software, provided terms are OK.
  • Needs to handle date and time well, otherwise defeating the whole point of having an album
  • Easy setup and maintenance for me, preferably a web UI for administration purposes. Being able to upload zips (or similar) would be great
  • Ease of use for visitors, a sane UI, thumbnailing. Them being able to download zips of photos is a huge plus.
  • Visitors need to log in to see the albums, and I should be able to set permissions per album. Securing my content is important to me. I want to have complete control of my data.
  • Needs to support common server setups (like Apache, PHP, MySQL), so I can more freely pick a service provider
  • Needs to run both locally on my computer, and online (so I can synchronize the local computer with the online stuff, and personally browse albums locally, saving time and bandwidth)
  • Some eye candy, ajaxy stuff would of course be great, but is not an absolute requirement.
  • Since I don’t know much about this, this list should likely be longer

Does anyone know of anything that works good?

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  1. Does anyone know if jalbum will fill my most of my requirements?

    Comment by Ketil — May 24, 2009 @ 13:06

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