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October 27, 2008

Upgraded to Intrepid

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I couldn’t wait any longer, so my laptop is now on Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibex

This time, I decided to go with 32 bit in stead of 64. Reasons:

  • Java is not playing nice with internet banking
  • Mozilla Weave — no 64 bit version
  • Google Gears — no 64 bit version
  • Flash — no 64 bit version

Does anyone see the pattern? Yeah: Sun, Mozilla, Google and Adobe STILL not providing 64 bit software. Really dissapointing to see that such big companies can’t get their act straight.

For sources.list, I mainly use my Hardy one, and replace Hardy with Intrepid. Not all of them have an Intrepid section yet, but it’s an OK start. (Works with 32 bit as well as 64.)

Oh, my feelings on Intrepid? Great, great stuff.
One bug so far: USB mass storage has an issue. It doesn’t mount correctly. Workaround: Put one USB key in, let it fail, leave it in, insert the one you need — voila! (As weird as it is…)

One tip: Check out Bigboard. Just install it and set Bigboard to run on login. This is getting very, very pretty, and very, very useful. If it crashes when you try to change settings, try changing icon themes from Human to something else momentarily. It is a bug, and it is currently looked into.

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