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February 14, 2008

Project: 3rd party screenlets

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This is a little late, but I figured I should blog about Project: 3rd party screenlets. It is hosted on Launchpad. The team is also on Launchpad. The idea is to collect all those 3rd party screenlets that are on and not in the official Screenlets trunk.

In doing so, we can achieve several important things:

For the users:

  • One place to get all individual screenlets
  • Follow updates easily with bzr
  • Get a package with all screenlets available — probably even a package and a repo for Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, etc.

For the developers:

  • Easy maintenance of their screenlets
  • Keeping close to official Screenlets
  • Get input and fixes from other developers, because they can access bzr themselves, and not just post a comment
  • Maybe translations down the road
  • More users!
  • Getting individual screenlets included in the official Screenlets
  • Get bug reports

There are probably more upsides for all, but this was my first ideas.

Now, to get the show on the road, we need:

  • Developers to register for a Launchpad account
  • Apply for the team
  • Set up their own project with their screenlets
  • Starting using bzr. Short howto and a guide
  • Developing screenlets
  • Merging with 3rd-party-screenlets branch

This post is tagged Compiz and Compiz Fusion for the likely interest people have in both projects, not because CF is necessary for Screenlets. Because it isn’t anymore 🙂

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