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February 9, 2008

A new windowlist/taskbar screenlet is needed

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I’m having some problems with the WindowlistScreenlet. That spurred me to think about how a dreamy windowlist/taskbar screenlet would be. With AWN’s new launcher-only functionality, I really need a great taskbar. So, here’s my points. Please add yours.

  • Picks up all applications open that would ordinary be on a taskbar
  • Use the highest quality icons available, maybe make icons for known bad ones
  • Let the taskbar be placed on a horizontal line, vertical line, curve, in a rectangular box (any proportions given)
  • A set maximum size for the windowlist (or -box). If too many icons are kept there, they should be shrinked
  • Minimize, maximize, restore works as they should
  • Minimized/maximized apps should draw the Compiz Fusion animations properly to/from the icons where they belong (I know AWN sometimes interfer, but I don’t know why)
  • Grouping of apps

Maybe someone can use this as a start? It’s in C and Python.

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