Another ugly blaaahg

February 3, 2008


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No, it’s not the fact that it was down for the whole of Saturday…

It’s because it is messy as Hell! Look at this:

1. So many links are dead.
If you want to have people post their stuff here, then give them 1 option, and that is to upload it to the server. Then, if you can establish a connection to the site, you get access to at least the majority of posted items

2. The whole thing seems so generic
We have,, etc. etc. Now, a lot of stuff that winds up on either can be used for all of them. Emerald stuff, wallpaper, screenlets, etc is not only for Gnome.
EDIT: There is actually the following:

3. What the hell is up with the categories?!?
Screenlets vs. desklets. How many “desklet” items are actually not screenlets?
Compiz vs Beryl. There is no fucking distinction anymore. It is called Compiz Fusion, and Beryl is discontinued. There is no such thing as a “compiz theme”, it’s all Emerald.

4. The alert e-mails are so slow, it would be better if they mailed them at the post office.
What the hell is the use of getting an update alert 24 hours after the actual update.

5. It takes people away from the actual project homes (and this is important)
If I wanted a 3rd party screenlet, I would go to, but people forget to post there, because they think it’s more important to post in the mess.
Try finding Emerald themes other than using hours on gnome-look. Oh, you can’t? No, of course not, because when is up, the Compiz Fusion developers have no incentive to keep themes on their project home.
If project homes are maintained, there is more or less a duplicate on gnome-look. Which am I supposed to choose? By guessing what site the developer updates most frequently?

6. The screenshots says nothing, and navigating is a pain
Lists with more items on them would make it a little easier navigating

7. You can’t subscribe to authors
I can subscribe to content (see #4), but if I like Whise’s work, why can’t I subscribe to all of his stuff. Get all updates, all comments, and more importantly, all new stuff.

Do I really need more reasons? Sod off Gnome-look! Developers and artists: Go to the project home and add content there instead. If you HAVE to, make links on gnome-look.

Ah, that was cathartic…

PS. This is 1 man’s opinion. If you disagree, I’m sure you will let me know.


  1. I agree! I hate going there, but that’s where you find the stuff you want. Maybe it’s because not enough people work on the site?

    Comment by Kevin Guertin — February 4, 2008 @ 7:16

  2. IMO there should be no people working on it 🙂

    Seriously though, I find that thinking about it makes me more and more sure about #5. Check also out this posting on the screenlets forums:

    Comment by Ketil — February 4, 2008 @ 15:41

  3. […] The team is also on Launchpad. The idea is to collect all those 3rd party screenlets that are on and not in the official Screenlets […]

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  4. I really like the concept of gnome look. Why would you want to have stuff spread all over the place? Am I supposed to somehow instinctively know about every person developing an icon theme and also know the URL of their website (provided they even have one)?

    Your complaints about the categories are way off. The compiz section contains things besides Emerald themes (ie. skydomes) and desklets and screenlets are for two totally different apps.

    I don’t see how having a large, easy to search repository is worse then spreading that content out over a thousands sites and random forum posts, 90% of which would be virtually impossible to find.

    Comment by george — April 15, 2008 @ 22:55

  5. Any alternatives?

    Comment by Skofo — April 30, 2009 @ 6:11

  6. Gnome-look has screenlets? Sweet I was wondering where they were hiding. Thanks for the tip!

    Comment by Froggy — August 5, 2009 @ 21:48

  7. LOL I was downloading something from Gnome-look earlier and I was redirected to some crazy file sharing site where you have to click this, click that then wait then click some more in order to download. I was just saying how much I hated Gnome-look and I saw your blog!! You are so right on with your comments and made me realize some things at the same time (e.g. Beryl/Compiz). Oh, I thought perhaps you would like a new link for your blahblah-look links lol..Recently, Linux Mint joined the Open Desktop community Linux Mint-art. I absolutely agree with being able to follow or favorite a designer. That would be great and there are a few I would like to have done that for. Also the dead links are highly irritating. The search option is not all that great either. It doesn’t take description words into account at all, that I can see. Great rant!

    Comment by Pariah — August 23, 2009 @ 8:28

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