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February 2, 2008

My Ubuntu Gutsy 64 bit sources.list

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Update: I put this in as a page, so use that instead. I will not update this post. The reason: This is the post that gets the most hits on my blog.

I cleaned up my sources.list, and made it easier to read. Here it is: sources.list (needs renaming from .doc to .list, I’m not allowed to upload files except if they have extensions that are one the whitelist). I made an entry of the command to import the GPG key, for all repos that I could find a GPG key for. PPA does not use GPG keys by default.

By the way: The Java IcedTea repo works, it’s the closest thing I’ ve manager to getting Java on 64 bit to work. Some Java stuff does not work though, but I don’t have much problems with it.

If you know the link to gpg keys I’m missing in this list, please leave a comment with it.

I made comments behind all entries. That will make for a better looking list in the 3rd part apps list in Synaptic:
Synaptic 3rd part apps screenshot

You’ll need to comment out the stuff you don’t want to use (by putting a # in front of “deb” on the relevant entry, and remove the # for repos you want to try out.

For other and updated apps, is a great place to check out.

I take no responsibility for breakage. Use 3rd party apps with caution.
If you know of repos that are inerently dangerous, please let me know.

Here is the list for you to see (and by doing this it will show up in search engines too). The first part is the official Ubuntu repos. You probably won’t use this unless you live in Norway or like slow downloads:


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