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June 5, 2007

New name for Beryl/Compiz/CompComm

Filed under: Compiz, Computers, Linux — Ketil @ 10:56

Update: see post from 2007-06-11

There is currently a poll on here: Cast your vote for anything but “Coral”, which is: too close to “Corel” & already taken [].

Getting a bit annoyed with the uncommunicated decisions taken with Beryl/Compiz these days. Shutting down the forums on beryl-project first, and now… Who decided the approved list of suggestions? What’s up with the 5-6 names of various stone/minerals? Why not communicate the poll on and


  1. The guys who’re actually going to make it decided the list based on suggestions, and there was a long thread on the forum about it prior to the suggestions going “live”. And it was mentioned on the compcom mailinglist. And the has been well known since the merge even became a subject that there would have to be a new name.

    The decisions are hardly “uncommunicated”. If you have a real interest in these administrative decisions, you should join the compcom mailinglist where every little detail is discussed and argued over in endless detail.

    Sure, we could spam every decision on the forum, but I for one believe that the name should be decided mostly by the people who are going to be actually working on it. And those people are on the compcomm list or otherwise know how to get a hold of the information they require.

    Comment by Kristian — June 10, 2007 @ 15:45

  2. Hey Kristian. The problem as I see it, is that there is not much user involvement. And this case of user involvement seems to not make much sense. If user involvement is wanted, then ask for it in a broad sense. If the devs should pick the name (I have no problem with that) then don’t make it semi public.

    Bottom line in what I wish for, is more information, communicated in an official kind of way. I check git everyday, just to see what progress is made, as well as smspillaz blog. The reason for this is that I’m very interested in what’s going on, and I’m anciously awaiting the first new release. Some official info, even if relatively seldom, would be very welcome.

    The decisions are uncommunicated in the sense that little info on what the developers thoughts are, when it comes to release and such. The info is spread really thin over a vast space, and that is a shame.
    I usually check the forums every day (which is probably more than the average Beryl/Compiz user), and didn’t know about the vote until a few days in.
    After I posted on the forums announced the poll.

    In the end, this is only an outside view. You are on the inside, and see things as they are there (i.e. you have that dimension as well). There’s often a subtle difference there.

    Anyway, Beryl/ Compiz was, and is, great work, and I have the utmost respect for you and your co-devs, all I’m wishing for is to reach for the stars when it comes to “marketing” as well 😉

    – Ketil

    Comment by Ketil — June 10, 2007 @ 22:14

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