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May 5, 2007

E10update in English!

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Maintaining one page instead of multiple posts. That just gets less confusing for me. Here’s the page

On request I translated my script to English. This version is exactly the same as the last Norwegian one.

Here’s the guide too, for those who can’t be bothered to scroll down the page 🙂

1. Download pmplib and pmplibtools. This script has been tested with version 0.14.

2. Install it. I downloaded the rpm-packages and did: $ sudo alien pmplib*$ sudo dpkg -i pmplib* (That’s for a Debian-based system, like Ubuntu. You’ll figure it out!)
That gave me deb-packages I could install by:

3. Make sure you have zenity installed (you probably do, if you use Gnome)

4. Download my English version of the script

5. Put it in /usr/bin: $ sudo mv /whereever/you/put/it/e10update /usr/bin
It’s also possible to just make a link to it, like this: sudo ln -s /path/to/downloaded/script/e10update /usr/bi/e10update

6. Make sure the script is executable: $ sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/e10update

7. Run the script by simply: $ e10update

8. You might want to make a menu item for it. I used the mp3-player icon from the human icon set. Use System > Preferences > Main Menu to set a menu entry for it.


  • Make sure your player is mounted as /media/E10. The script needs to be changed if it’s mounted elsewhere.
  • There might be packages besides zenity and pmplib* that you need.
  • Line breaks in the wrong place in this script will cause the script to die horribly. You should be able to figure this out by yourself.
  • There is currently a bug in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, so you will get an error when the script tries to unmount your player. See this post

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